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Bermuda News Weather Property Rentals Jobs Reviews Social
December 13, 2018

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Bermuda Forum

This is the site simply dedicated to the discussion of the present and future of Bermuda. Included are comments and suggestions for the island's environmental, cultural, political and economic futures.

Feel free to submit your ideas, feelings, issues...whatever. There's no word limit - just try to avoid being too long-winded. The long-term purpose of this site is to become the online forum of a new Bermudian political organization (or even a new party if we stay ambitious enough!). For now, however, all we're looking for is proof that Bermudians really are concerned about local issues!

This site includes various statements from others like you who view this web site. Anyone at all can submit their own comments or replies, following one of the categories listed above (or a suggested category), to

Signed submissions are preferred, however your name will not be published if you don't want it to be. Please sign the comment in your email as you would like it to be signed on the web site (and say what category you'd like it in!).

Sorry, this page is not very full yet (last modified 5/10/02). Submissions will be posted as they come in - Feel free to become one of the founding voices of this website! Pick or suggest a topic, and just write!

Note: Threatening or obscene comments will not be posted. Submitted materials must not be copyrighted, unless permission is recieved from the author. Those who submit comments should note that it is the individual's responsibility to make it known if his/her submission (or part of it) is protected under copyright laws. Now, formalities aside, post already, why dont'cha!